Get a New Look With a New Patio Door

For most homeowners, the patio becomes the perfect space to unwind, barbeque, and enjoy nature. With social distancing rules now a part of our regular lives, having outdoor entertaining space becomes even more important.

Investing in a new patio door can raise not only our enjoyment of our patio but also the overall look of our home. Simply changing the patio door can greatly improve both the look and efficiency of our Oklahoma homes.

Let’s take a look at the top home benefits of installing a new patio door.

Aesthetic Appeal

A new patio door can enhance both home exterior and interior aesthetics. Changing just the color, style, or type of patio doors already gives the patio and connecting room a different vibe.

Moreover, updating your exterior doors allows you to ensure it complements the overall aesthetic or style of your house, especially if you’ve remodeled the connecting indoor room.

For instance, installing sliding patio doors gives your home a more modern or contemporary look. This also gives you a wider, uninterrupted view of your garden. On the other hand, hinged French doors offer classic European elegance. Meanwhile, wood patio doors and frames give a rustic and more homey feel.

Energy Efficiency

Glass patio doors can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by providing a lot of natural light. Modern glass exterior doors ensure that your home gets enough natural light without sacrificing cooling and insulation benefits during OKC’s hot and humid summers.

Energy-efficient exterior doors are often made with several glass layers, low-emissivity coatings, and metal frames with thermal breaks.

Having wide patio doors can also provide cool air for less air conditioning use. This can prove particularly useful in Oklahoma’s cool fall weather and milder summer days. Doing so may also help lower electricity costs.

Safety and Security

Don’t be fooled by their looks — glass exterior doors are still safe and secure. Many modern patio doors are made with reinforced glass, aluminum frames, and multi-point locking systems for better strength and higher security.

Some wood and uPVC patio door frames may also be reinforced with aluminum cores as an added safety and security measure.

Real Estate Value

Replacing outdated patio doors offer high returns on investment as a remodeling project. Although the costs recouped may differ based on the materials, style, and overall quality of the patio doors, you can still retain almost 70% of your investment upon resale.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home right away, increasing its monetary and aesthetic value does not hurt. When you invite friends and family over, a beautiful, high-quality patio door can take your home’s appeal to the next level.

New Year, New Look

Why not welcome the new year with a new set of patio doors for your OKC Metro home? Bring the outside in with a gorgeous new patio door and give your beloved home an all-new look for 2022.

Keep your Oklahoma patio door renovation project within budget with the help of Red Oak Home Exteriors. We offer premium quality door and window installation at budget-friendly prices. Call us today to get a free quote.

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