Should You Add a Sunroom?

Should You Add a Sunroom?

Home is where you feel warm, safe, and relaxed. It’s even better if it gives you a view of the outdoors. One way to make that possible is by adding a sunroom to your Oklahoma house. Not sure whether it’s a good investment? Read on to see the different pros and cons of sunrooms and why they’re worth it!

What Are Sunrooms?

Also known as screen rooms, glass patio enclosures, or solariums, sunrooms are enclosed by glass to bring in plenty of natural light. They provide more structure for the outdoors than a patio cover. They also have screened openings, so you could close or open them according to the weather condition. Two common types include three-season and four-season sunrooms. A three-season sunroom is perfect for spring, summer, and fall. They don’t usually have the common features found in a house. There may be electricity, but these types of sunrooms are not insulated, so you would need a portable heater and other heating devices to feel warm during winter. As its name suggests, four-season rooms are functional throughout the year. Unlike three-season sunrooms, these are insulated, making you feel comfortable in wintertime.


Planning to build a sunroom for your Oklahoma home? Here are the following advantages that await you:
Lots of Natural Light
A sunroom lets you enjoy as much natural light as possible. Aside from getting that daily dose of Vitamin D, you can have your favorite cup of coffee or tea, read your favorite book, or simply appreciate the beautiful outdoor views.
More Functional Space
While the kitchen or bathroom has a specific purpose in the house, sunrooms allow you to get creative with the extra space. You can make it your reading or writing area, an office space, a painting room — you name it! A sunroom is also especially beneficial if you feel like your house is a bit crowded because of additional people or other possessions. You can think of it as a separate sanctuary where you can relax and connect with nature.
A good alternative to the typical room additions is a sunroom. It’s relatively more affordable and less complex. The installation is faster too. However, prices vary depending on the size you want and the materials to be used.


Like other home exterior projects, sunrooms may include some disadvantages too, like the possibility of higher energy usage and lack of privacy.
Potentially Higher Energy Use
Your utility expenses might increase as three-season sunrooms are not designed for winter. While they can keep you warm on sunny days, that heat is gone by nighttime. Four-season sunrooms may be a better option, but you have to spend a bit more.
Less Privacy
Sunrooms are designed to be open so natural light will come in. However, this could mean less privacy. To remedy this, you can use bigger window coverings.

Experience the Best Sunroom With Professionals

Sunrooms are a great alternative to the usual room addition. It may offer less privacy, but it’s meant to be an open space for more natural light and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for top-notch window replacements, exterior doors, or sunrooms, Red Oak Home Exteriors has got you covered. Contact us today to get quality sunrooms in Oklahoma at reasonable rates!



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