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Getting budget-friendly and high-quality window replacements is extremely possible with Red Oak Home Exteriors. We ensure that people in Oklahoma get the best window experience and comfort at home. We have 27 years of experience in the industry, making us more capable and knowledgeable in providing awesome window solutions to our customers.


Our goal is to help you save energy and money as we provide window materials and construction with superior performance. Not only that, we also make sure that with our new windows, your property value, and curb appeal will increase. Your home’s overall look will also improve as we install your new windows.

Frank Willmon

CEO & Founder


Our Window Installation Services

Double-Hung Windows

This is a popular choice for many residential homes because you can move the top and bottom panels of the window. This makes it an extremely flexible option and allows easy ventilation and cleaning.      

Single-Hung Windows

If you don’t want the upper sash to move, you can go with this option. The movable bottom can already provide a good amount of ventilation whenever you need it.


Custom Window Replacement

We understand the different needs of every home. That’s why we offer window replacements we can customize. This allows us to cater to your needs better and more effectively.

Awning Windows

For excellent window versatility, awning types are ideal. You can swing these windows outward any time through the bottom, while the attachment to the frame is at the top.

Casement Style Windows

Double-hung windows or the casement style type is probably one of the most common designs. It lets you move the window panels in and out, making it extremely easy to operate. Ventilation and cleaning will be a breeze!

Sliding Windows

As the name implies, sliding windows have a movable bottom panel, while the top sash isn’t. You can just simply move the bottom panel to close and open the window at any time.

Bay and Bow Windows

These affordable windows look similar at a glance, but they are different. A bay style only has three panels, while the bow type has four to five. We can customize these for you if you prefer this option.

Special Shape Windows

This also falls under the custom window replacements we offer. If you want to be unique among your neighbors, we can make your windows more personalized. We provide quotes that allow us to exactly know how you want your windows to look like.     



Why Replace Your Windows?

Reduced Energy Costs

New and Energy Star-qualified windows can help you save money.

Increased Property Value

House window replacement is one of the top ways to increase your home value and represents a great financial payoff for your return on investment.

Enhance Your Home's Beauty

New window installation services enhance the beauty of our home from the inside out.

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Additional Services

With our years of experience in the window replacement industry, we expanded our services to siding, doors, and gutters. We offer siding installation and doors installation as well as replacement, while we provide gutter cleaning, attachment, and cleaning services for gutters.


Gutter Cleaning, Installation, and repairs.


Door Installation & Replacement.


Siding Installation & Replacement.

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